The Amazing Ninja Lemur Is Here!


Download Ninja Lemur

Master the “Art of Flying Katana”, and jump your way through the immersive and highly addictive world of the Ninja Lemur.

Use your finger  to place a plank so Ninja Lemur can bounce his way to the next island, or simply use the “Art of Flying Katana” to fly though the level while taking out a few birds of prey trying to attack you. Your ultimate Ninja goal is to keep jumping or flying through the levels collecting coins and points while avoiding samurai hawks and staying above ground.

★ Art of Flying Katana – It took Ninja Lemur years to master the “Art of Flying Katana” and you will be thankful he did! You will want to keep a sheath full of Katana blades! They will save you from falling to your death and even speed up your game play so you can rack up coins and points faster.

★ Plank Hoarder – Pickup as many planks as you can! You will need them to keep Ninja Lemur jumping from island to island and collecting coins & points.

★ Extra Ninja Lives – Does a Lemur have 9 lives? Well… maybe not, but you can buy more lives for your Ninja to keep him alive. You may run into a bird of prey or use all your Katana blades and you will be happy you had a couple!

★ Money, Money, Money… Points, Points, Points – We always need a little extra to help us out sometimes, right?  If you have not collected enough coins or Japanese Ingots to keep your cash flowing you can shop for some in our store.



★ Stunning Graphics

★ Birds of Prey (Samurai Hawks)

★ Original Sounds and Music

★ Easy Controls and Fun for All Ages

★ In-game Currency

★ In-game Shopping

★ Game Center Leaderboards

★ Hours of Entertainment & Endless Gameplay